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Green Efforts by FRP

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It is a privilege to own a business and live in such close proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Along with this privilege, we believe we should have the heightened responsibility to contribute our part to protecting the environment and advocating business practices that are socially responsible.

Fall River Productions Supports 1% for the Planet

We put much thought into how Fall River Productions could provide continuing support for environmental responsibility. The final decision was made to join 1% for the Planet. Through this company, we are committing 1% of our GROSS sales to an environmental organization approved by 1% for the planet.  As its website states “if the earth is a public company, consider this shareholder activism”.  Companies such as Patagonia Clothing, Clif Bar and our own local Kind Coffee have all gone the same route.

Fall River Productions owns two hybridsOur website is powered by 100% wind power, as well as a portion of our offices.  The business owns two hybrid vehicles.  One is a Honda Civic and the other is a Honda Insight.   Our recycling policy is based on recycling or re-purposing 100% of feasible materials.  We use the Eco-Cycle CHaRM facility in Boulder, Colorado to recycle all hard to recycle materials.  These include everything from Styrofoam to electronics that cannot be re-purposed. We use 100% (if available) recycled media to print on and when rechargeable batteries are not an option, we only use mercury free batteries.

We also incoporate the "Leave No Trace" principles when filming in the backcountry and ensure that all locations we use are free from any Fall River Productions Recyclestrash left behind from us or any of our clients we have with us during a shoot. 

If you have any suggestions or requests for us that may further strengthen our environmental policies, we are always open to new and more effective ways to operate our business responsibly.

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