Audio techniques by Fall River Productions

Audio, The Unsung Hero
Quality Audio in Video Productions

Fall River Productions uses digital recordersIn any video production, good audio is rarely noticed, but bad audio is always perceived as bad audio, which is why we call audio the "Unsung Hero".  We take audio capture very seriously and have taken steps to insure quality audio in all of our productions.

For weddings, this can be especially challenging due to a variety of possible issues. To deal with these issues, we have invested in some of the latest cutting-edge audio solutions in addition to more standard technologies.

Fall River Productions uses PinMicWe have adopted a new strategy for remote microphones and are using small digital audio capture devices for much of our recording. We also realize that during a ceremony, the microphones should not be very noticeable, so we have gone with a new microphone from Rode called the PinMic, which allows for "hiding a microphone in plain site".  We now have three of these fine microphones, two of which have longer pins for thicker clothing.

This mic not only captures high quality audio, but is attached through the fabric of the groom's coat in a way that is very difficult to see. Rather than sending that audio signal wirelessly, which can have interference and a host of other issues, we have opted to use a very small digital recorder that fits into the groom's pocket.  We then sync up that audio with the video in post production.  We are very pleased with the results! We now have three portable audio recorders.

Rode Shotgun microphone used by Fall River ProductionsSince we believe very strongly about having redundancy and backup solutions, we also use some of the old "tried and true" solutions, such as wireless lavaliere mic's, quality shotgun mic's, and other recording devices. Should something go wrong with one device, we have other devices recording to prevent any loss of audio.

We also know that wind is a fact of life in the Rocky Mountains.  To keep wind noise to a minimum, we use wind mitigation devices, like the "dead Rode Blimp purchase by Fall River Productionscat" wind screen shown above on our Rode NTG-1 Shotgun Microphone. We have similar wind screens for most all of our microphones, including the small PinMic. For very windy conditions, we have recently purchased the Rode Blimp for our shotgun microphone, which has the highest level of wind mitigation possible.

Digital Audio Recorders used by Fall River ProductionsWhenever possible, we will take our audio directly from your other sound sources, including your DJ at a wedding or other event. This allows us to achieve a very "clean" signal compared to capturing room audio, which can be very poor after going through amplification and large speakers. We simply hook into your DJ's sound board using professional XLR or 1/4" jacks into one of our digital audio recorders. These portable recorders can offer higher quality recordings than many cameras are capable of recording, so it's definitely the way to go if at all possible.

Our portable digital recorders can also do double-duty as high quality microphones and are very popular for recording live musical events.

Additionally, we just picked up a wireless handheld microphone and receiver. This new mic is the classic Shure SM58, known as one the best wireless microphones out there.  This comes in very handy for speeches when there is no in-house sound system and allows us to get much cleaner audio compared to using shotgun microphones from afar.Parabolic Dish Micrphone owned by Fall River Productions

Another Purchase: We picked up a parabolic dish microphone setup that was used at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Now that we are doing work for Rocky Mountain National Park, we found that we needed to go a step beyond shotgun mics for our nature sounds, such as birds chirping, elk bugling, etc. You've probably seen these types of microphones in use at football games on the sidelines to capture the players talking and smashing into each other.

Fall River Productions Audio GearNew Purchase December 2016: We find one of our cameras is usually close to the action and although we already had a good Nikon stereo microphone, we decided we needed an upgrade. The Sennheiser MKE 440 Stereo Shotgun Microphone fits the bill perfectly! Of course, we also got the fur windscreen for the outdoor shoots. This high-end mic will also work well for live music recordings. It can be used directly on-camera, or hooked up to one of our digital recorders.

So when it comes to recording the audio for your wedding, Fall River Productions wants to make sure you can hear yourselves say I do! If you have any questions regarding our audio solutions, or any of our equipment, please feel free to contact us. We love to talk tech!

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